Delicious and popular traditional sweets, Chocolate Eclairs, Toffees which we are sure no one can resist and make a fantastic gift idea for men and women.


A wonderful combination of soft and chewy toffee combined with a milk chocolate centre. All these sweets are individually wrapped. Taste lovely when been warmed up in your hand first, or our tip is to place them on a radiator for a couple of minutes just until they are soft.

Glass jar filled to the brim with chocolate eclairs individually wrapped in purple and gold wrappers
Walkers Chocolate Eclairs

There are a couple of well known brands each of them as delicious. Walkers who make a whole range of yummy toffees including English cream toffee, Mint toffee, Brazil nut Toffee, Plain chocolate Toffee and Mint eclairs to name just a few, and of course not forgetting Cadbury’s and Taveners. They are also available in sugar free too.


Throughout the 1920s Taveners was one of the greats in the sweet manufacturing world. Their buttered sweet assortment was well known and consisted of hand dipping brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds and their coconut macaroons in a crisp buttered toffee.

Each worker had their own bowl of toffee & every 40 minutes they were given a fresh bowl. The dippers as they were known as, threw the nuts in the toffee with their left hand and using a spoon in their right hand pushed the nut into the toffee. The nut would be coated then put out on a wire rack to cool ready to be wrapped.  It was mainly girls who worked as dippers and they could dip around 60kg of sweets per day.

In 1931 Taverners used this process and came up with the chocolate eclair this was the first time anyone had managed to dip a chocolate in toffee , it was such a great success that even up to 1960 they still employed 100 dippers. They are now of course dipped by a machine that does the work of 100 dippers.

Chocolate eclairs are still one of the most popular British sweets and it all began on British soil. Liverpool.



  • glucose syrup
  • sugar
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • milk chocolate(16%)(sugar
  • cocoa mass
  • whole milk powder
  • soya lecithin
  • vanilline flavour)
  • vegetable oil
  • butter
  • salt
  • molasses
  • emulsifier:E471
  • flavourings
  • cocoa solids 35% minimum; milk solids 14% minimum


  • Contains: milk, soya
  • Nuts processed on site
  • May contain nut traces






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