Delicious string of liqourice wrapped around a jelly button in a variety of colours.



Barratt Liquorice Catherine Wheels
Barratt Liquorice Catherine Wheels

A very popular traditional liquorice sweets with our customers. catherine wheels or liquorice wheels bring back so many sweet memories.  The long laces of liquorice  are wrapped around another favourite old sweet the spog! aka the jelly button, also another firm favourite from a box of liquorice allsorts they come in a variety of colours blue, orange, pink & yellow.
The Spogs or Jelly Button are also sold separately straight from the jar.


Bassetts Liquorice Catherine wheels are based on the historic Catherine wheel, which was the torture instrument on which St Catherine was martyred in the middle ages. We prefer to think of them as the Catherine wheel fireworks!


Liquorice is not just the traditional

Delicious string of liqourice wrapped around a jelly button in a variety of colours.
Catherine Wheels sweets

sweet we all love. It has been used for many many years  apparently Cleopatra used it to preserve her beauty,  the Chinese used it for its healing qualities as did the ancient Greeks as they found that the root provided gave relief from chest complaints.
Romans even gave their soldiers the root to chew to help quench their thirst when on long marches.

When the roman empire fell it was the monks who kept the secrets of the liquorice and started the growing in England. Many of the monks settled near Pontefract… Could this be where another traditional sweet got its name Pontefract cake You may ask?

The liquorice plant is similar to a shrub,  the juice which is taken from the roots is what we know as liquorice. The roots can still be purchased today.
The roots can reach 30ft in length and are soft, flexible and fibrous.
In autumn the plants are lifted,  it takes about 9 months to dry out and then roots are baled. The roots are crushed and pulped and the liquid is dried into a brown powder ready to be made into all of our favourite retro sweets. Yummy!!!


Ever thought of making your own liquorice…

( Ingredients may vary between manufacturers)

Treacle, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cornflour, Gelatine, Modified Starch, Caramel, Liqourice Extract, Citric Acid . Colours: Curcumin, Flavours: Aniseed Oil, Blackcurrant Concentrate, Carrot, Radish, Spirulina,


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